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  • Low Light Test with Sony A7r

  •         Why Sony and not another Nikon? I recently purchased the Sony a7r with the Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 ZA. I had the opportunity to see a preproduction model of the camera long before the camera was available for purchase. Only having a brief[...]
  • Remembrance Day

  • Remembrance day in downtown Ottawa is always a great display of the appreciate for veterans and people currently serving in the military. This is my second year going down to take photographs of the ceremony and parade. Even though it was cold, wet and snowing it is always a time that is grea[...]
  • Day Out With Friends at Mud Lake

  • Mud Lake is a great spot to take photographs of natural wildlife or to take a nice afternoon walk. Depending on the time of year various types of wildlife can be seen. Mud Lake is really close to Britannia Beach in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. It doesn't matter your level of experience as a photog[...]
  • Gatineau Park Champlain Lookout Photo Shoot

  • Sometimes the hardest thing as a photographer is to go out and take photos of what you want to take in between paid client work and other responsibilities. One of my good friends Sarah and I decided to take photos in Gatineau Park. We took our time to find the best place to take yoga inspired ph[...]
  • Photo Shoot Using the Westcott Apollo Orb

  • This photo shoot had to be one of the most inexpensive shoots I have had yet. The only thing I didn't have that I had to buy was baby powder for $5. Just like most photographers often I want to complicate pictures with excessive lighting set ups. For my last few shoots I have fallen in love with[...]
  • White Balancing

  • White Balancing Have you ever been frustrated because you take a photos and the colours don’t seem to be even close to what you see when you take a picture? White balancing allows you to get the colours you see to be translated in your photos. There are many ways to white balance, many diff[...]
  • Painting Fruit

  • As a professional photographer you can forget to experiment and try something different from a wedding or portrait shoot. After a friend said they haven’t taken any photos lately because they haven’t got a chance to get out I decided to see what I could do with common items that I found in my house.[...]
In Case of Rain at Your Wedding
  • In Case of Rain at Your Wedding

  • As a wedding photographer I constantly am worrying about the weather. I am still amazed that I still have not had a single wedding formal shoot where it rained out the for mal pictures. I have been very close many times, but thankfully everything has always worked out. I am never asked at the time [...]
Notre Dame Basilica
  • Notre Dame Basilica

  • The Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal is breath taking. Visiting this church has been on my places to see for a while. About 3 years ago i saw a picture from this church, but never found out where the photo was taken. While attending Expoplast in Montreal I came across a picture while walking to the t[...]